Tibetan Silver Monkey Belt Buckle

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Tibetan Silver Monkey Belt Buckle
Tibetan Silver Monkey Belt Buckle
Brand: Tibetan
Product Code: BKL-003
Dimensions: 4.00"
Weight: 6.10 oz
Availability: 1

Tibetan repousse silver belt buckle featuring a monkey on its front side and a horse on its reverse side, both figures are surrounded by lotus blossoms. An incredible piece for your collection!!!!!!

The Repoussee method, is the art of pressing shapes into thin metal (in this case silver) to create a design. It is almost a lost art that is still being used by Tibetan artisans.

A Tibetan myth sees the Tibetans as descendants of the monkey.  The legend says the monkey was sent by Avaloketesvara to Tibet to meditate and live in chastity. There he is confronted by an ogress who takes the form of a woman, she asks the monkey to marry her and if he refuses threatens to unite with a demon and produce a race of life destroying demons. The monkey returns to Avaloketesvara and asks for advice. He is released from his vows of chastity and is ordered to marry the ogress, prophesying the coming of Buddhism to Tibet. The union of the monkey and the ogress results eventually in a tribe of monkeys who become so populous that they begin to starve until Avalokitesvara scatters grains thus providing crops. Gradually they loose their tails, learn to walk upright, talk and wear clothes.

The wind horse, is a mythical Tibetan creature from pre-Buddhist times, combines the speed of the wind and the strength of the horse to carry prayers from earth to the heavens. Not surprisingly in a country where the horse was used by the traditional nomads of Tibet. It is associated with success and the space element. The Wind Horse carrying the “Wish Fulfilling Jewel of Enlightenment” is the most prevalent symbol used on prayer flags. It represents good fortune; the uplifting life force energies and opportunities that make things go well.

In Tibetan Buddhism the lotus blossoms are a symbol of purity, renunciation and divinity.

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